'Illegal' bojale school irks Balete

Balete women from Bojale 2015
Balete women from Bojale 2015

Tempers flared at a meeting held at the Ramotswa Kgotla, as villagers demanded a cease-and-desist order on a group currently running an unauthorised Bojale (initiation) classes.

While Kgosikgolo Mosadi Seboko has suspended Bojale and Bogwera at the village for two years now, a group of individuals have started the initiation classes without Kgosikgolo’s nod.

Speaking to this publication after the meeting, which was thronged by angry villagers, Kgosi Tsimane Mokgosi said they would take action against the alleged perpetrators.

“The meeting was a follow up to the series of meetings we have been holding this week. There is a concern that there is a certain group conducting Bojale classes without the authority of Kgosikgolo as it is the practice. She had told Morafe that she would not launch Bojale as we still have the Forest Hill Farm court case.

The school has been suspended for two years due to this.

Some of those conducting the classes say they were being delayed and wanted to go to Bojale.

Mokgosi fingered Ntlhayagodimo Bogosana (sub-chiefs) as part of the recalcitrant group even though they denied it. 

“The society is called Maphalaolo A Pitse and claim that their registration certificate grants them permission to conduct Bojale classes. But they can only encourage and support Bojale amongst Bamalete.

They should be working with the already existing structures. Only Kgosikgolo can authorise Bojale,” he said. 

Tsimane said they have since called on government officials to shun the society as it undermines Bogosi.

Tsimane said they were trying by all means to maintain calm while they allowed those with authority to deal with issues. 

“The situation has not been bad on the ground. On Wednesday we had an incident where the police were asked to accompany women to call on those conducting Bojale classes to stop them. There was an altercation as the group members insulted Kgosikgolo.  They will be brought to book for that,” he said.

Kgosi Mosadi, who left for the Pan African Parliament meeting in Cape Verde midway through the meeting, asked her tribe to remain calm. 

“We as Balete are united and I would like to call on you all not to fight.  We should work on strengthening our tribe and not burn each other’s houses down. This matter will be solved in a matter that is supposed to be,” she said.

Various Morafe members, who commented, called on Kgosi Mosadi to act swiftly to bring the perpetrators to book.

“These people are very disrespectful. They should be brought before us and be whipped. Those who are Dikgosana have to be kicked out of office for undermining our Kgosikgolo,” one elder commented.

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