'Faka pressure' invades Nkange

Steadfast: Motlhaleemang has invaded Nkange ahead of the polls
Steadfast: Motlhaleemang has invaded Nkange ahead of the polls

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) comrades have affectionately nick-named him ‘Faka Pressure’. He calls himself the Bush Doctor, arising from his love for the Peter Tosh song titled "Bushdoctor". That is how amazing Motlhaleemang Moalosi has become. Love or hate him, he remains steadfast in his ambition and conviction to be part of a revolution that will liberate Batswana from the over half a century Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) misrule.

An approved BCP parliamentary aspirant for the Nkange constituency, Moalosi in an interview asserts that he has never dreamt of representing Nkange.

But as fate would have it, his home village ward of Marapong/Semitwe was relocated from the Shashe West constituency to Nkange in the last national delimitation exercise. It is this exercise that compelled Moalosi's migration to the Nkange constituency.

Moalosi is not new to the political domain. In 2014 he contested the Shashe West parliamentary elections and lost. In 2019 he didn't contest while Alfred Mashungwa, a BCP parliamentary hopeful, contested under the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) banner.

An enthusiastic Moalosi is prepared to do battle, explaining that he has gained invaluable experience from his past Shashe West sojourn.

He says he has gained profound appreciation of community engagement, transparency and accountability.

"I have also learned the importance of building relationships and working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve common goals", he explains as he embarks on an intensively onerous campaign to retain the Nkange constituency for the BCP.

Moalosi says he is committed to engaging his constituents on a regular basis to hear and appreciate their concerns and aspirations.

He is also developing a comprehensive plan to address the constituency's most pressing needs and he believes that his experience, commitment to service, and ability to connect with people will enable him "to win the trust of the voters and retain the constituency for the party".

In terms of discernible differences between Shashe West and Nkange, Moalosi explains that the former is primarily a rural constituency with a strong focus on agriculture while the latter is a mix of urban and rural areas with a growing population seeking access to basic services and economic opportunities.

As for the major development challenges facing the Nkange constituency, the parliamentary aspirant enumerates them as non-allocation of land, water scarcity, inadequate infrastructure, limited access to education and health care, as well as unemployment amongst a host of others.

Since Moalosi has already identified the constituency's challenges, how does he intend to tackle them?

NON-ALLOCATION OF LAND: Tutume and Marapong Land Boards have abdicated their duty to allocate land. People have been waiting for allocation of residential, business and farming land plots for quite a long time.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: "I will be engaging the land authorities on the matter with a view that allocations be speeded up, because a paradigm shift is needed to assist the land boards to operate more efficiently in terms of service delivery and improved customer service.

"It must not be business as usual while our people wait for very long periods before they are allocated the pieces of land or plots that they have applied for.

WATER SCARCITY: The constituency experiences frequent water shortages. There is adequate water at Ntimbale Dam, however, the infrastructure to distribute water is inadequate.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: "I will advocate for the construction of new treatment plants and water distribution infrastructure, as well as the implementation of rain water harvesting and water conservation programmes".

INADEQUATE INFRASTRUCTURE: The Nkange constituency roads and bridges are in a state of disrepair, making it difficult for people to freely move around and for businesses to operate smoothly.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: "I will work with local authorities to prioritize roads and bridges rehabilitation projects, and also advocate for the development of efficient public transportation systems".

LIMITED ACCESS TO EDUCATION AND HEALTH CARE: The Nkange constituency lacks adequate schools and hospitals. Honestly speaking the constituency does not even have a single hospital but rather inefficient clinics. This is further compounded by the fact that the constituency is partly rural.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: "I will advocate for, and support the expansion of schools and hospitals and or clinics in the Nkange constituency.

"I will also work collaboratively with other stakeholders to improve the quality of education and health care services in the constituency".

UNEMPLOYMENT: The constituency has a very high rate of unemployment, particularly among young people.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: "I will promote job promotion initiatives and also support entrepreneurship programmes. In addition, I will promote skills training programmes and also encourage investment into the Nkange constituency economy".

CARNAGE ON A3 ROAD: The state of this road is terrible. It is truly heartbreaking to hear it being referred to as "a death knell". My deepest sympathies go out to everyone who has lost a loved one or been injured on the road.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: "I want to assure you that I am fully aware of the dangers posed by the A3 Road and am committed to advocate for a complete remake of the road once in parliament. This will be my most urgent work to hit the ground running with".

PRESIDENT'S INITIATIVES FOR ZIMBOS TO USE CHITHUPA: The use of Chithupa instead of passport is certainly complex and multifaceted.

While it may seem a convenient measure of promoting regional integration, there are potential dangers that must be considered, particularly around unabated immigration and its impact on the healthcare system and security.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: "Open and transparent discussions with the Zimbabwe government and our own citizens are crucial to finding solutions that benefit both nations without compromising Botswana security.

"There is also need to explore ways to promote regional economic cooperation while protecting local jobs and businesses".

Moalosi reckons that an influx of undocumented immigrants can lead to a serious strain on social services, including healthcare, education and housing. This can lead to decreased quality and accessibility for all citizens.

As for security concerns, he explains that without proper vetting procedures, there is a risk of criminal elements entering the country which could contribute to an increase in crime rates, impacting negatively on the security of Batswana.

"Robust systems must be implemented to ensure that only documented and law abiding individuals enter Botswana", emphasizes Moalosi.

On national issues, Moalosi says he will direct his energies to advocating for improved access to education and healthcare for all Batswana, irrespective of their socio-economic status.

He is also very keen to work to strengthen the systems that are used to fight corruption and ensure improved governance in Botswana which is in terrible on account of the BDP misrule.

The other thing that Moalosi wants to work on relentlessly is the championing of the rights of women, children and all the marginalized groups. There you are sir

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