Botswana’s high stake diplomatic antics

Masisi has expressed in action the desire to break away from over reliance on South Africa
Masisi has expressed in action the desire to break away from over reliance on South Africa

Tackling the bull by the horn is an acute way of describing how Botswana has chosen to tug and toy with regional differences that have been sizzling within the Southern African region. President Mokgweetsi Masisi has asserted Botswana’s desire to stop playing second fiddle to South Africa in regional affairs and has moved to get the backing of other regional countries. Are Botswana’s aspirations a punch above its weight or is it paving the way to become a regional hegemony or is it all grandiosity? Mmegi Staffer TIMOTHY LEWANIKA writes.

The southern African region is known for its chivalrous hallmark, a region of countries either known for long-lasting peace, economic prosperity and democratic consolidation. The perk is led by South Africa which holds the stick due to its bulky economic muscle and strong military strength.

For nations like Botswana, South Africa has turned into the ‘bakery’ where it gets its economic bread, with the latter being Botswana’s major trade partner accounting for more than 50% of imports. Despite this producer-consumer relationship that adjoins the duo, Botswana has been consistently biting the hand that feeds it, taking gradual steps to break away from its economic dependence on South Africa, a dice roll that threatens to roll out on a silent economic war between the region.

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