BDP in bare knuckled fights ahead of primaries

BDP in bare knuckled fights ahead of primaries: PIC KENNEDY RAMOKONE
BDP in bare knuckled fights ahead of primaries: PIC KENNEDY RAMOKONE

The battle for regional committee positions in the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) North West region has turned ugly, with members resorting to underhand tactics to gain support.

Tebogo Boalotswe and Judge Sango will battle it out for the North West region chairperson's position on April 6, 2024. In the ongoing fight, some are even using the names of party leaders to lure members to vote for them. To make matters worse, party leaders have been accused of bias and being embroiled in conflicts of interest. On Sunday, the party chairperson, Slumber Tsogwane, held a meeting to address the concerns of members of the North West region. However, some members have expressed desire for the party president, Mokgweetsi Masisi to speak to them directly.

The allegations of conflict of interest involve not only the party chairperson, Tsogwane, but also secretary-general Kavis Kario. The trio, Tsogwane, Kario and Alec Seametso stand accused of having taken sides on the matter. “In the North West region, some party members are unhappy with the current situation and feel that some party leaders are not able to deal with it effectively. They want the party president to come and listen to their concerns directly. These members claim that some members are disruptive and have too much influence and that the party leadership needs to intervene,” a source said. According to a leaked audio doing the rounds, some members accuse the party chairperson of not knowing party procedures and that they do not want him to deal with them. Furthermore, they accused Tsogwane of interference and favouring a certain individual whom he wants to win the race. The angry member said the reason why the North West region is divided is because of interference that is happening in their area perpetuated by some party leaders. He also accused the party chairperson of having been absent on how party structures are being run. Moreover, the angry member accused Tsogwane of having created enemies within the party and if he is not careful, the situation could ruin his chances of becoming the next President of the country. On the other hand, Kario is also accused by the other team of favouring their opponents since he had failed to take action against them when they complained about their behaviour.

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