Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing exposes fake pastors

Pastor Mogome has published a book that warns Christians about fake pastors
Pastor Mogome has published a book that warns Christians about fake pastors

Benjamin Mogome, a pastor at Independent Assemblies of Botswana has written a book titled, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, which gives the public an insight into both fake and good men of God. Born and raised in a Christian family of six children, the pastor said he learned about the man in the scriptures.

In an interview with Arts & Culture, Mogome said God inspired him to address pastors who are harassing the people of God. Published in 2021, the 30-page book comprises eight chapters namely; how to identify false prophets; how to identify true prophets; be watchful; the anti-Christ Spirit; False and untrained prophets; strive to enter in; discerning of spirits that has sub chapters named what discernment can activate and purpose of discernment. “The first most effective tool of Satan in the church leadership is what would be called a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Matthew 7:15 and 20 says. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in a sheep’s clothing inwardly they are ravening wolves wherefore by their fruits you shall know them. Some people came in the name of the Lord but they are false prophets as the Bible says. The original meaning of false prophets in this scripture is a pretended fore-teller, a religious imposer or a false prophet,” he wrote.

In the book, the pastor goes on to explain that a wolf in sheep’s clothing knows how to quote the word of God and give cunning arguments to support his or her teaching but the spirit of the Lord would not bear witness to his/her ministry because of his/her or her falseness. He further pointed out that their movements operated in cunning deception with hidden agendas that were completely contrary to the word of God. He also called upon people not to believe everything they hear from those prophets. The book further states that some of the false prophets' lifestyles were not of integrity and most of them abuse their power, are more focused on self-gain and love money. He further explained that when writing the book, his main objective was to instill the spirit of integrity, exemplary, to be watchful and carefully weigh and examine, teaching, prophecy, miracles if they come from God.

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