Vee Mampeezy rallies Batswana for peaceful elections

Vee Mampeezy is attempting to  get Batswana dancing to the polling booth with his new song called Botswna Kagiso
Vee Mampeezy is attempting to get Batswana dancing to the polling booth with his new song called Botswna Kagiso

Election Day is upon us, Botswana’s future is on the line, and it’s Batswana’s general duty to get out there and vote.

With less than two weeks before the general elections, embracing music as a form of merry protest and symbol of unity is what Batswana musicians do best.

For a long time the song that get people geared up for the election has been ditlhopho di tsile by Joe Morris. After being featured less in the 2014 general elections, Independent Electoral Commission has once again dusted it down for this coming election to get people interested in voting. There is a reason for that,it’s quite possibly the most overplayed election song in radio in recent years.

Music has rigorously featured in the campaign for the 2019 general elections. But as the day draws closer more exciting songs specifically written for the battle of the biggest office in the land has been released.

The latest being Botswana’s most decorated musician Vee Mampeezy who is attempting to get Batswana dancing to the polling booth with his new song called Botswana Kagiso.

There is a collection of the political anthems out there, some specifically endorsing individual political parties but Vee Mampeezy’s new outfit is an all-encompassing peace seeking song unaligned to any political party. Although the pimp sized musician has in numerous times been seen campaigning for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), this time his song is neutral.

It is a song that gets the prospective voters to feel good about something as they put on those headphones, pump up the volume, and head to the local polling stations on October 23, 2019.

One can immediately recognise Vee Mampeezy’s signature guitar riff, the lively bass and drums, which are almost similar to his other song called Important, released earlier this year.

Botswana Kagiso is a temperate song with a swinging beat and swaying harmony. It does carry a simple message for Batswana as they vote, “Botswana a re kopaneng (Botswana let’s unite).” He says there is confusion among Batswana because as when elephants fight it’s the grass that gets trampled in process.

Vee Mampeezy says that he is full of hope that there will be love throughout the entire election process. “Baeteledipele ba rona, sechaba se beile mo go lona, (our leaders, the nation is counting on you),” he continues in the song lyrics. “After you listen to this song you will understand why I had to release it before the elections.

It is all about Botswana, let us stand together and be one, my beloved Batswana,” Vee Mampeezy posted as he released the song on Facebook this week.

Botswana Kagiso cannot be compared to ditlhopho di tsile however. The latter is that ballad that has endured every age group, and every election to remain the go-to song of elections since its release in 2003.

The title of Vee Mampeezy’s Botswana Kagiso itself voices unity and peace. It’s quite ironic that the letlhale hitmaker’s wife is also called Kagiso, but Vee Mampeezy just had to come up with the idea for a song that would spur people to exercise peace as they get to choose who their next government will be.

Two days after elections day being October 24 and 25 have been declared as public holidays, so the political enthusiasts among Batswana are likely to be up all night.

So the song is that gem which will help some people get through the final part of the 2019 general election.

Although some have already created their own Election Day playlist, it’s not too late to squeeze in this one. No matter who wins this, nobody will come close to uniting the nation as musicians sometimes do.

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