The time is Kota to Taste.


It is quirky, vibrant, and creative, making an impression across social classes and breaking down barriers. A disrupter of note in the street food game, this is the vision they have at Kota to Taste.

The owner Betsi Motlhake and her cousin thought up Kota to Taste as a potentially successful business venture. At the time, Betsi was not familiar with the Kota her cousin had experienced in Lesotho at a lifestyle venue, yet she was intrigued. A Kota is an approximation of the word “Quarter” referring to hollowed quarter loaf of bread used as the base of a sandwich. Traditionally, it is filled with spiced potato chips, topped with sauces, cheese, polony and atchar for a flavourful experience.

If the enterprising duo were going to do this, they were going to do it the right way but also add their own flair to things. They couldn’t have found a better place to be located.

Three words best describe the delicacy beacon; IT IS BUSY! There is a diverse community that is alive with activity and caters to a large demographic; just the market they had a vision of catering to.

The carwash strip that runs towards the end of Ledumang over a half Kilometre stretch is home to Kota to Taste. Look out for the directional signage to the stark contrast unit neatly tucked and eye shot away from the road. You can’t miss the catchy Black and Yellow structure packing flavour that could rival even our neighbouring cousins’ stalwart creation. To warm Batswana up to the idea of this particular new type of street food on the market, they started with one flavour - “Kota to Fill Up” which is made with the traditional ingredients many associate a Kota with and have likely encountered on an SA trip with a short left into Kasi or on a Mzanzi Magic show.

COVID slowed down business but it may have come as a saving grace for the business as the establishment took a beat and Betsi’s husband who had seen potential in the endeavour, bought shares and the two became co-owners. He brought part of his expertise to the table; photography, social media marketing and a clinically well informed oratory skill set to rival many a public speaker. My husband who went to school with him says he was blessed with the gift of the gab since way back...his exact words; “o botlhale Sbizo, ene o balabala gore” They bounced back stronger than before with a re-brand that cemented their presence in the branded street food circles, and they saw it fit to expand the menu and up the ante in their social media communication and presence, leading to rave reviews and everyone craving a taste. The menu now has three Kotas and Sides such as Potato Chips, Russians, Eggs, Seasonal Avocado and Chicken Wings.

Cake of the Day was later introduced to give patrons one more thing to keep them coming back and indulge in. I do not doubt that it took Betsi five years to develop a Chocolate Cake recipe which she uses in her Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Oreo bespoke cakes. Lemon and Lavender is the other incredible flavour combination available.


As far as I am concerned they have the most out the box flavours available and if they aren’t already making it, I trust they can make it happen. I have only ever had one Kota when visiting Brits in the North West (SA) and so I looked forward to Kota to Taste. In all honesty, the only thing that’s kept me away from consistently indulging my cravings is my ongoing weight loss journey. You simply cannot down size a Kota. It’s large and in charge and demands one's full attention.

I had the Kota to Bougie, satisfying my love for chicken and I was blown away at the amalgamation of flavours that have been cleverly paired to create a masterpiece of taste. Ke gore e monate!!! From all angles and once you start you’re going all the way in. The Kota is nicely tucked and looked inviting in its neat branded packaging that makes you want to just look at it in admiration before the ravenous affair of the first bite. Nako ke KOTA TO TASTE!

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