Raptured Roots to embark on a club tour

Raptured Roots
Raptured Roots

The young talented and energetic duo group of a DJ and drummer called Raptured Roots will this month embark on a club tour featuring Naomi to push their first single entitled Falling.

The song was released in September. The crew comprises of the DJ Ezekiel Ntebele (22), Williard Ncube (22) as a percussionist, Naomi Moteu (19) who is a vocalist in the song and Aobakwe Molefe as the crew manager (23).

They recently told Showbiz that they came with this idea to circulate the song around Botswana and market it locally because right now most of their performances and bookings are done in South Africa. The manger of the crew, Molefe said most of Batswana have not seen them performing and in order to take the song to the people, they have targeted clubs in different places such as Maun, Palaye, Orapa, Mahalapye, Francistown, Selebi-Phikwe, Tutume and Gaborone. 

“We are still pushing the song to reach Batswana; that is why in the later stage we will be planning a spectacular video with a similar concept as the song lyrics,” Molefe said.

When describing the concept of the song, Moteu explained that it is a love related song based on a situation where one partner does not feel loved back in a relationship. “In the song I was talking about a situation where you are in love with someone who does not love you like you do. That is why some of the lyrics in the song say, “can you catch me if you can, because I am falling down. It is simply saying come after me if you are serious,” Moteu said.

The founders of the group, Ncube and Ntebele added that they are working on re-branding their group which is doing well outside Botswana and that is why they met Naomi as a vocalist to add spice. Ncube said they came together in 2012 with the inspiration they got from Black Motion, a South African dance music duo, best known for their percussion driven electronic dance music productions and energetic performance routines since they noticed that they had similar skills.

“In the group, I play a variety of percussion instruments and disc jokey, Ntebele focuses on mixing different source of music and I accompany the music he produces by the drums mostly for a house music in live performance events,” Ncube explained. He said they now perform with Naomi who is a vocalist and has been perfect and outstanding in most of the events they performed at. Ntebele added that they always make sure that they deliver a high-class performance in every event they perform in so that they get booked again. He said performing once in South Africa helped them because now most of their bookings come from there. He further said coming with this idea of the tour is to let Batswana know that they do exist. “The tour is open to our lucky fans also therefore if they want to travel with us it is open and we will cover food and transport,” Ntebele said.

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