“Mum inspired me,” says fashion designer Taibo Barca


Acclaimed fashion designer from Mozambique, Taibo Barca, said his mother who was a famous seamstress in their neighbourhood inspired his love for fashion.

Barca said when he was growing up, he used to watch his mother sew clothes for her customers. He said when he was five-years-old, he started helping his mother in her workshop,  especially with drawing patterns.

“Growing up, I developed a passion for fashion design and I knew that it was what I wanted to do when I completed my studies. I would draw designs for my mother, and her customers were pleased with my work,” he said.

However, he pointed out that when he told his father about his dreams he disapproved and tried to dissuade him from doing a course in fashion design, saying sewing was for women.

“I decided to go for IT, only to drop out in my second year. I decided to do a business course. I did not like it, even though I knew it was important to learn computers. I had no passion whatsoever for the course, but I knew that if I had business skills, I would use them some day,” he boasted.

He said after completing his course, he decided to move out of his parents’ house and went to live with his friend, with whom they established their clothing line Taibo Barca.

At first, his business struggled to get off the ground, but because he was determined to make it in the fashion industry and was passionate about his fashion career, he fought with everything he had to succeed.

He said it was because of his determination that they were able to market their products brand both at home and internationally.

Their business grew over time, and they were able to employ more people and buy the three-storey building, where they used to rent a studio apartment.

The clothing line is selling well abroad and he said this was made possible by his ability to combine his business and fashion design skills. He said he makes his own prints and has made contacts in China, Italy and other European countries where his collection is doing well in the market.

Barca and his partner created the clothing line, which is named after him in 2008. The brand is known for the fusion between high fashion and ready to wear. It is considered one of the leading brands in Africa.

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