Mdu Tha Party Unveils Top 10 Hip-Hop List For 2020/21


Yarona Fm presenter, Mduduzi Madzwamuse a.k.a Mdu Tha Party kicked off this year’s Botswana Top 10 show with the Top 10 hip-hop artists list at the New Capitol Cinema (NCC) Masa in Gaborone on Saturday.

For this year’s list he partnered with The Voice Newspaper, Yarona FM, NCC and Plugged In Media (PIM) along with other production companies to create the show and make it available on various platforms.

Mdu started the list in 2014.  “I was inspired by the quality of music from Botswana, at a time when the general consensus was that we were not up to standard. I never understood what others meant by that so I took it upon myself to share with Botswana what I have been listening to just in case they missed it.” He pointed out that he saw the list as a way to get people talking and interested in the local creative industry. “I created the show and I am also the producer, editor and scriptwriter of the show.” The team consists of about four people in the technical production crew, about 23 panellists, four people in sales and marketing, four others in admin”, he said.

Seating at number 10 is Luther October, with Flyboi Que at number nine  while Mane Dilla & Maxx Tokeyo are at number eight. Balaclava Blanco & the Kings are at seven while Ban T occupies position six. Number five is Baxon and Sasa Klaas, with ATI at number four. Ozi F Teddy is at number 3 while William Last KRM occupies number two. The top artist is   Veezo View.

The artists on the list were placed according to the achievements they had in 2020 and 2021 with most of them having been active in the two years while creating a buzz with their performances, releases and ventures in the Hip-Hop industry. “You can expect to see us cover lists such as Top 10 Ladies in Music, Top 10 Upcoming Artists, Top 10 Music Videos, Top 10 Celebrities, Top 10 Legends, Top 10 RnB /Soul Artists, and more.” Mdu said. The crew will be reacting to one list  every month for 12 months.  The lists will premiere in the Voice newspaper Facebook page every month.

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