Making a living out of Fashion blogging

A shot from the S.A Mean's wear backstage with maXhosa
A shot from the S.A Mean's wear backstage with maXhosa

Though fashion blogging has not yet found its feet in the country, for a local youngster, Uyapo Ketogetswe, fashion blogging has been a smooth journey.

Through his blog that trades as Nde Uyapo, the 23-year-old has attracted a number of local and international clients where he has been called to work on events such as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa in Johannesburg. In the blog he showcases his love for fashion, photography and pop culture.

The Nde Uyapo blog presents Ketogetswe’s work in text and photography.

Through the blog, he has managed to work with the likes of Edgars, Elle magazine, Touch of Africa, Monsieur Collections and ABSA where he did an image Africa day.

“I have always been interested in blogging,” narrates Ketogetswe. “I started about 10 years ago when I used to blog about different issues such as music. I have had a number of blogs, some I ended up deactivating,” he says.

All this started in his teen years when he was a student at Legae Academy High School where he had an interest in photography.

He used to call different photographers to help him with his shoots also acting as their shadows until he had mastered the craft. As time went on Ketogetswe who kept on exploring different avenues in blogging, ended up finding his own feet as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Blogging has been known as a hobby that does not bring any income, but Ketogetswe was wise enough to make his blog a commercial platform that brings him income through Google adverts and other channels. The blog has a lot of traffic with people visiting it more often.

The striking part about the blog, which has won him contracts with international companies such as ABSA and Barclays South Africa, is the photography and detail content he focuses on. He claims that his love for photography played a major role in him being the blogger that he is today.

“I never went to school to study photography or writing,” says the Business Administration graduate who can safely be considered fashion and lifestyle guru.

Being one of the few fashion bloggers in the country did not bother Ketogetswe who kept pushing his passion.

“I have noticed that there is a huge gap; we have a few male bloggers in the country,”  he says.

He believes that blogs give writers an opportunity to express themselves without fear of having their content controlled. “It gives an opportunity to market your staff to an international market”.

The majority of bloggers in the country focus on different fields such as politics, entertainment and social issues.

There are few fashion bloggers in the country, the Gatsh Fros being one of the notable ones.

On the blog, Ketogetswe focuses on the current trends of men’s fashion, how to wear for certain occasions and fashion photography.

After going through Nde Uyapo one learns a thing or two about fashion and trends.

His photography concepts always have some creativity. One of his latest works is for Monsieur Collections where there is a vintage car, which he says has a connection with man, hence he decided to use it in his shoots.

“When coming up with concepts I first look at the client’s brand, look at the trends and the market”.

Ketogetswe seems to be getting more exposure internationally than locally. “Sometimes I think bloggers are not viewed as an important form of media locally.

I rarely get invited to local fashion shows and staff,” said the young lad who is also social networks entrepreneur.

However, he certainly busks in the international exposure he keeps receiving. “I am not limiting myself to one place. I’m enjoying the opportunities and support from outside,” he says proudly.”

Ketogetswe’s portfolio boasts works from South Africa, Mens Wear, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg and Touch of Africa.

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