Kurana leaves a big mark at Maitisong

A captivating moment during the play Kurana. PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE
A captivating moment during the play Kurana. PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE

Maru-a-Pula Theatre showcased some dazzling creativity during the Kurana play at Maitisong on Friday.

The 25-member cast play was adapted from one of the famous fairy tales Cinderella, this time depicted in the ancient kingdom of Peponi in Egypt.

The stage set up, costumes, lighting and music all highlighted director Clayton Ndlovu and his crew’s good imagination and creative coordination.

The high Egyptian walls from the book of Exodus were brought to life on stage.

The lighting and music matched perfectly with every scene and situation on the play related with every event and situation that was taking place in the play. The actors’ costumes were an inch closer in similarity to the ones that were depicted in the ancient Egyptian era.

The acting was not only confined to the stage as the actors utilised every space available inside Maitisong Theatre  for the play. They used all the balconies, stairs and even took some of the scenes to the audience.

The play portrays a story of a poor a young girl Kurana who stayed with her widowed evil stepmother and two sisters. The prince of Peponi was also on the quest of finding a woman that he could marry at the same time fighting with his cousin who wanted the throne so bad but was later killed and only became king in hell.

The prince of Peponi chose Kurana to be his wife, which angered her stepmother who ended up killing Kurana because the prince had not chosen one of her daughters.

When Kurana died her soul was taken to the underground world by the gods. On the play the underground setting was filled with smoke, red lighting that resembled flames, mummies and there was a windy sound accompanied by a rumbling thunder.

When one’s soul was taken a group of mummies would come and collect the body while  the soul collector called out the soul. While this was happening, there was a depiction of red lighting, echoes and a blowing wind sound.

Upon hearing the death of Kurana the prince committed suicide so he could follow her to the underground world.

The underground King quickly fell in love with Kurana and planned to marry her but the prince of Peponi’s arrival disrupted everything as he fought for the love of his life.

The two fought until they reached an agreement that between the prince of Peponi and Kurana one will be spared and go back to earth while the other stayed in the underground world. The prince decided that Kurana could go back to take over the throne while he stayed and burned in hell. 

A large audience attended the first day of the show on Friday resulting in some people being forced to stand.

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