Hosana Wosana at Mantlwaneng Theatre

Part of the Hosanna Wosana cast
Part of the Hosanna Wosana cast

The Campus Group will stage an expressive musical theatre production titled Hosanna Wosana at the Mantlwaneng Theatre on December 10, 2015, which will be one of the many activities under the Botswana Blue Series initiative.

Hosanna Wosana is a musical, which celebrates Botswana through Kalanga spiritual music systems of Hosana, Sangoma and Mancomane. The story follows Christian missionaries’ first contact with the people of Southern Africa. It explores social communities’ values and needs. While fictitious, it covers a fictitious tribe of Baka-Habangana, whose chief was the first to convert to Christianity.

This happens at a time when the chief’s daughter is due for “ukuthwasa” (initiation) as a Hosana (the communal rain prayers intercessor). At the advice of the newly commissioned local pastor and her nuns, the chief forbids his daughter from going for initiation, thus putting to test a long standing Kalanga tradition that refusal warrants pain, suffering and subsequent death of the due “inthwasa” or “Bonga”.

Editor's Comment
Happy Independence!

We are 56 years old and what do we have to show for it? Looking at where Botswana started and where it is today, there are a lot of developments, but whether the developments match the number of years we have enjoyed as a country is a topic for another day.The fact that cannot be denied is we have seen major developments, but we are still lacking in several pertinent areas.Our beautiful country imports almost everything. We import fuel, food,...

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