Dr Vom Steals Limelight At 50T050 Show


This past weekend, one of the capital’s main roads, old Lobatse road, was closed to accommodate the 50to50 Gaborone inspired two-day music festival.

With a breathtaking line up of local musical giants, it was Dr Vom of Thobane fame who literally had the Gaborone city centre eating out of the palm of his hands.

What was of note was the Dikhwaere singer was not even on the line up.

The man, spotted back stage by promoter Zenzele Hirchsfield, was then dragged to the stage.

The crowd, which consisted of both the young and the old, could not contain themselves.

They sang along to every lyric of the song.

Dr Vom was so much of a hit at the event that even the Gaborone district commissioner (DC) called for an encore of the song, much to the appreciation of the crowd.

The crowd led by the DC and other dignitaries marched for about 5km singing and chanting to the lyrics.

“Bagolo bare ntwakgolo ke ya molomo, sale re lekile re paletswe, kere tsaya Thobane o ba bolae o ba rute molao,” the crowd sang along with sticks in the air.

What is of note is that the song was released back in 2007. Next year, Thobane will be celebrating a decade since its release date.

The lyrics of the song literally depict the cultural way of life of Batswana, which is even more relevant as the country celebrates its 50 years of independence.

Dr Vom said after the performance: “I cannot believe this; this is overwhelming.

I was not even on the line up. The support I continue to get from Batswana over the song is amazing.”

Dr Vom also confirmed that he is working on a collaboration with traditional music heavyweight Ditiro Leero, which he said promises to live up to the hype of “Thobane”.

Other performers who scored big on the night came from Mlesho.

Mlesho’s latest single Tlhomela proved to be another favourite.

Although the crowd was not familiar with the lyrics of the song, it was the dance move associated with the song that stood out.

As soon as the song was played everyone reached for the nearest object they could find, bending inwards and moving synchronisingly with their feet making the famous Tlhomela dance move.  New kid on the block, Ban T, also received love from the crowd when he played his debut single Naomi. 

The song also bagged him the top nominated artist at this year’s Yarona FM Awards show (YAMAs).

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