DJ Dagizus releases 'Ke Mang O Ipatelang' single

Dj Dagizus ft Grey Syl and Hades
Dj Dagizus ft Grey Syl and Hades

DJ Dagizus has released his latest music single dubbed "Ke Mang OIpatelang”. In the delivery. he features he features Grey Syl and Hades.

"Do you remember those old games we used to play back home with our peers? Great if you can recall, the concept of this song revolves around that and I would like to take you back in time. Those were indeed the best days of our lives. Way before COVID-19 and other problems we are facing today around the world," DJ Dagizus said during an interview with Showtime. DJ Dagizus is still focusing on showcasing some of the talented upcoming artists from his motherland, Africa. In this record, he features a young singer and rapper named Grey Syland. He also worked with an underground Motswakolista and rapper named Hades. The talented Texas based producer discovered Grey Syl from a WhatsApp group called ‘Skills TransferBW Arts.”

He likes giving featured artists an opportunity to write and share their skills. He noticed the talent Hades possessed and decided it was time to help him. Hades in return was excited to be part of the project. The overall concept was shared with Syl who took it far. Syl had previously posted some of his work on the group and it caught Dj Dagizus’ attention. He then reached out to the young star and introduced him to the world. He said Hades was signed to Dagee Records and will be dropping his first single sometime this October.

He described Syl as an upcoming creative storyteller who did good in the song. DJ Dagizus explained that Sly was able to express feelings through his works. As for Hades, who happens to be Dj Dagizus’s distant cousin, he is said to have put life in the song and made it what it is today. "These games were created in such a way that engaged children and kept them busy. The main purpose of this song like I mentioned is to engage people. To make them reflect on those good old days. It also engages listeners as well, keeps them reminiscing about the good things in life. This single is an up-tempo type of dance instrumental that can go well with storytelling, rap, singing or just mellow vibes. This single was released this past Saturday and will be available for sale on all music sites.

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