CherryApple offers entertainment industry platform


Recently, a local theatre and film company, CherryApple hosted Music and Light 2021 Live Session at the National Museum Little Theatre where a number of local artists performed.

CherryApple is a film and event production female owned company that supports local talent. The event was sponsored by the Music in Africa and also locally supported by 03 while Kealeboga Mosekiemang and Cindy Sean Sibanda did the production.

The event featured 100% local artists mostly those who play live sound including the likes of Folklore Band, Mafitlhakgosi, Sebaga Rabantheng, and MC Mdu Da Party. In an interview with Arts and Culture, Mosekiemang said the live session was a hybrid live music event with the intention to bringing together some of the most current musical offerings and contemporary, folktale performing arts.

She also said it accommodated both a physical and virtual audience. The event also offered the best performers and generated an overall satisfying experience to the audience both physical and the digital audience. “This event has accommodated a chosen number of performers and has a great technical team.

Our acts included 10 artists from various genres of music including folk music, RnB, Hip Hop as well as contemporary dance and poetry as supporting acts to our musicians. The event also gave a platform to upcoming artist, major artists and other industry players. It accommodated 10 artists and their supporting acts,” she said. She explained that when coming up with the live session idea, she intended to give all players in the entertainment industry a platform to create and share their talents amidst COVID-19 pandemic and give them hope that they too could still make a living through their art. She said the event created a positive impact on the creatives showing that as much as the pandemic has affected them, there was a way forward and light for their works to be accessed and be seen.

The show created a platform that would allow the artists to reconnect with their fans and hopefully grow their fan base and their impact in society in this trying time. “Thousands of African musicians have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which has introduced unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions across the continent. African musicians and professionals traditionally make a living from live performances, and now they find themselves in extreme difficulty.” “The main goals of Music In Africa Live was to support the African Music industry by enabling musicians earning opportunities from digital live performances at a time when many of them have lost their usual income due to the pandemic, to develop critical skills among professionals to enable them to navigate challenges occasioned by the pandemic and lastly to support music advocacy activities on the continent,” she ended.

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