Blood is thicker than water

In life there are certain guiding principles that enable human beings to live better lives. Without this wisdom of principles such as these trust, friendship, morals and humility just to name a few people often suffer the misfortune of living a boring lonely anti social life.

Now the movie in discussion clearly takes movie enthusiasts on such a sentimental journey as to how life can throw one with lemons instead of glitz, Mel Gibson is renowned for these types of tales.

Blood Father is the name of the story, this film is a book adaptation of the title name. Audience of various age groups had thronged cinemas to come to witness the resurrection of Gibson after a long absence from the big screens. With this latest showdown, the film’s main focal aspect is magnifying how blood is usually thicker than water.

Here is a snippet of how events unfold, Mel Gibson as John Link, an ex-convict fights to protect his estranged daughter from the drug cartel that is hunting her down. In this thrilling action film, John must use his connections from his past life and his skills as an ex-criminal to keep him and his daughter alive. Meanwhile apart from Gibson’s iconic role, Diego Lunah spices things up with some antagonistic flavour frightening the audience to the extreme showcasing the contribution of bad influence to one’s life.



The movie is very engaging and captivated the imagination to the fullest secreting every ounce of food for thought, allowing movie enthusiasts to introspect themselves secretly on matters of their family bonds. I enjoyed this screenplay more so that it emphasised a familiar proverb that stipulates that no matter what you go through in life your family will be there for you even when you are at your darkest moment unlike friends who can dump you at that very crucial moment.

This is justified by Lydia remembering her father when life ruthlessly came down crushing on her. This thriller also touched deep into the soul when it showed us no matter your background a parent’s love is a blessing money can’t buy as Mel Gibson’s character a trailer park poverty ridden ex convict with nothing fancy to give back to his daughter rather opted to offer the little he could being love and protection.

So in principle this film is one not to miss as it deals with the general behavior we come across in our daily to day lives that no matter how decorated you are at that particular time never forget your roots (do not discard those who helped build you as life is like a roller coaster you are going to need them tomorrow) a testament attributed by Lydia’s character. The cinematography is tailored in such a way that it shows movie enthusiast how one can be caged in by a situation and be forced to confront their demons head on with nowhere to hide. So in a nutshell this experience is very original and gives motivation and insights on proper lifestyle and how to live it.

Quotes from the movie that shed emotion 
John: “I never did anything for you kid, so my sacrifice is all I can give you.”


New Movies

Movie fanatics brace yourselves for March 2017 as it is headlined by smashing blockbusters among them Black Widow (Avengers franchise) aka Scarlett Johansson with her upcoming sci-fi dubbed Ghost In The Shell. The trailer is out and the film looks mouthwatering with action and mystique. The film setup looks in the same style as Lucy if you happen to recall the 2014 Scarlet Johanson thriller directed by Luc Berson.



This movie was released back in August at the time when Suicide Squad was ruling the box office chart. Blood Father so far only grossed a lackluster $1.8 million dollars. Which is below standard for a film starring one of Hollywood’s iconic names.


Top five movies in the world this week.



Movie: Blood Father

Genre: Action | Crime |Thriller

Age limit: R

Duration: 1 hour 28min

Release Date: November 18

Director: Jean Francois Richet
 Main Cast:
 Mel Gibson (John), Erin Moriarty (Lydia) and Diego Lunah as (Jonah)

1. Moana

2. Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

3. Doctor Strange

4. Allied

5. Arrival

: This emotional story makes one question and work on their family bond, a true spine busting thriller 8/10.

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