Basket Mouth Adds A Dose Of Humour To Reality


Nigerian comedian, Basket Mouth, left the audience in stitches after adding humour on some experiences that are taking place in the country and beyond.

The comic was headlining the Gaborone International Music Culture (GIMC) week where he shared the stage with a number of local stand-up comedians such as Nigma, Rekunde, Mawee and Dignash, who was the host.

Without introducing himself he walked on to the stage and said, “I hear that you guys have no water and this situation has been going on for six months,” he laughed for a moment and continued, “Do you know that in Nigeria there has been no water ever since I was born; so you guys are lucky,” he said as the audience broke into fits of laughter.

Speaking in his catchy Nigerian accent Basket Mouth touched on many issues with sex being the dominant one.

“I don’t blame Tiger Woods for his sexual scandals, you should understand that sports and sex are related, the ball has to sink in hole, just like sex,” he said.

He quickly moved to talking about tennis being a sexual sport, especial women tennis, “Have you heard the sexual sounds they make after hitting the ball, you can even masturbate to a tennis match with all those sounds,” he exclaimed.

It appeared that Basket Mouth was not going to censor himself as he continued with his sleazy jokes, saying that due to slow Internet services in Africa, it is difficult for one to masturbate to YouTube porn. “While you still masturbating, it will take 30 minutes to buffer, which means you slow down the process but if it’s a fast Internet within a minute you will be done masturbating,” he said.

According to a number of people that attended the event Basket Mouth did not live up to their expectations and he was outclassed by local acts such as Mawee and Dignash.

Mawee who seemed to be the favourite among the audience, shared how he once travelled around the country and seeing deaf people singing the national anthem in sign language as he expressed it by touching the ground, seating raising his hands in the air.

Dignash was his usual jolly self, and throughout the night, he was  dropping a few jokes before introducing comedians. The audience seemed to enjoy his acts , judging by the laughter, nods and smiles on their faces.

He threw the crowd into laughter when he shared that men’s worst nightmare is going into a store to buy condoms.

“Specifying which condoms you want can be a problem, especially when there are many people at the counter. You end up getting embarrassed and buy what you did not want,” he said.

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