Aaron shares his life's story as orphan


Kaone Aaron, a 23-year-old young man has written an autobiography titled Life of An Anointed Orphan. In this book, the young man shares his tribulations as an orphan and how he overcame them.

The author told Arts & Culture that the book was an autobiography trying to show the world that falling was not failure as God is always with ‘us’ no matter what.

He explained that his book is different from other authors’ because the ‘Holy Spirit’ inspired it.

“This is my first book. The main reason I wrote this book is to change the motivating structure in Botswana because I have observed that in most cases, top achievers are the ones who always give motivational talks whilst some us who have gone through trials and tribulations never come out to share our stories to motivate other people more especially the youth, who go through similar situations,” he said.

For Aaron, whose life changed after his mother who was a single parent died, as a young man he decided to pull up his socks and fight hard to make something out of himself.

He did not let being an orphan get in his way despite the challenges he encountered. The young man who was not doing well at school when his mother was alive decided to work harder so that he could lead a better life and take care of his younger brother and himself.

He decided to fight for a better life to change his own circumstances and it was possible through his strong faith. In his book, he wrote that his mother was a victim of violence and murder. In his own account, he says his relatives took away his mother’s property from them (he and his brother) including her plots and furniture. 

They were left, he said, with nothing. As if that was not enough, his grandmother whom they relied on also passed away making their situation even worse.

The young man explained how an aunt took them in only to abuse them and use their welfare coupon given to them by government to spoil herself and her children. He said they would go to bed on empty stomaches and also go to school dirty despite his aunty using their coupon to buy groceries and toiletries.

“There was a point in life where I had to skip school for weeks because I had no shoes and she knew this, but did not care. The only thing she would say was ‘you are a fool you will fail Form 3’. 

“This went on and on until I got used to the fact that her children were her first (and main) priority. Other family members never cared about how we lived,” he wrote. Despite all the tribulations he went through, Aaron said he worked hard and went to tertiary at Ba Isago University where he was pursuing a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Real Estate.

He graduated last year. Since writing his book, he has been conducting motivational talks in various schools and intends to continue inspiring young people with his story. He called on both local and private schools to engage him for motivational talks. “God is alive considering that I even survived brain cancer through faith. A diamond is extracted through sweat and hard work. My failures in life didn’t stop my desire for a better life. I fell four times, but rose up 10 times,” he said proudly.

He said he worked on the 44 page book for one-and-half years. Life of An Anointed Orphan is sold at P150 and the proceeds will be donated to the needy.

The author himself also sells the book which is self-published.

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