The Bus Ride Revisited: The First Christmas Batch

The lady selling bananas claims it is able to help calm the bladder.

One tough customer demands her credentials as a nutritionist or medical officer.It is a tough ask. I look at the vendor with an ill-fitting hat and Mascom bib. She didn’t evoke much confidence. However, she rallies. After only 3 sentences the cockiness was flushed out of the passenger’s system like stameta or a laxative would do to your distressed insides.

Her only weapon was a sharp tongue, a quick wit and a heavy reliance on experiences of other banana sellers. By the time the bus made it out of the terminal his humility was better than that of a man who had lost a gargantuan post in the intelligence department.Farther down the aisle a vertically challenged vendor was involved in a fracas with another passenger over change.

Editor's Comment
Bravo, Matlala JSS for recognising employees!

Last Friday, Matlala Junior Secondary School (JSS) in Tlokweng did just that – they organised an event to honour their teachers and support staff. This gesture is truly commendable, as teachers occupy a pivotal role in the lives of our children.To be completely candid, teachers are the ones who shape our children from a very tender age, investing a significant amount of time in their growth and development. It's not uncommon to hear parents...

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