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DJ Ngwazi Details His Scary COVID-19 Experience

DJ Ngwazi
A South Africa-based Motswana, DJ Lushen Kebatlege popularly known as DJ Ngwazi has shared his experience with COVID-19, saying all along he thought the pandemic was ‘fake’ until it hit him: He tested positive.

The talented artist who dabbles as a DJ for South Africa’s music artist, Master KG told Showtime in an interview that he believed he was exposed to the virus at a grocery store, since it was the only place he had been in Midrand where he lives.

Sharing the details of his virus battle, DJ Ngwazi recalls that it was on a Wednesday night after his visit to the grocery stores when he started experiencing some changes in his body.

“I immediately went to a doctor in the middle of the night and he gave me some medication, but the following day I started feeling so cold. I took a hot shower, put more blankets on my bed but nothing changed,” he recalled.

The DJ from Thamaga added that he was initially supposed to perform at Channel O’s lockdown party so he could not as a result of his sudden illness. DJ Ngwazi also said he then went to a different doctor and that was when his body temperature skyrocketed to 39.9 degrees.

“I lost my appetite, I felt weak, I started having diarrhoea with headaches and I could not breathe,” he added. DJ

Ngwazi said he was tested for COVID-19 and the results came back positive. He further said that coughing was the worst of it all because he felt like there was a metal object in his chest. He said

he really thought he was going to die, but after a week he started getting better.

“To be honest, I never thought COVID-19 was real until I was infected. I remember when this pandemic started we were touring Europe, so some of our shows were cancelled but that did not convince me enough that the virus was for real,” he highlighted.

The DJ, who has turned his life around from DJing at bars to big festivals across the world said he appreciates the fact that Master KG did not turn his back on him during the difficult time.

“He spent a lot of money on me and he was really concerned,” he said.

DJ Ngwazi said he also received messages from people in the music industry who wished him speedy recovery. He said he did not tell his family in Botswana right away because he felt they were not going to handle the news well. DJ Ngwazi said he told his family a week after recovery.

He added that compared to South Africa, Botswana has really done well to contain the virus. DJ Ngwazi said has developed an aversion for queues and he gives a wide berth to crowds, or people crowding. 

DJ Ngwazi said he decided to share his version of events hoping to comfort and teach others about what it took for him to fight off the respiratory virus.




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