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Lucia Dottie’s star finally shines

Kabelo Mogwe and Lucia Major, whose stage name is Lucia Dottie, have released a new song titled Bare Ngwana Ga Se Waaka that has blown the local music industry away.

This song has gone viral on some of the local radio stations and social media where it gained the young artist (Dottie) a couple of applauds from her newly found fans. Her beautiful voice got many dumbfounded.

In an interview with Arts & Culture, the songstress said she sings different music genres, but the single was an infusion of Afro and traditional music genres.

“This single is paving way for the seven track album. Bare Ngwana Ga Se Waaka is a song with a strong message that clearly shows how secrets can destroy both parents and a child’s life. The song on its own shows the real life stories where both men and women are denied access their own children,” she said.

Lucia Dottie added that Joe Maseko in Zimbabwe recorded the single. She explained that it was a property of Kulenyane Studio. She said Mogwe was the one who took her in when she was on the verge of giving up on her music career.  Borolong-born lass, explained that Mogwe encouraged her to keep going and to never throw in a towel, as she wouldn’t know what the future held for her.  He promised to help her and told her that he believed in her talent.

Lucia Dottie said that even though she had previously worked with many artists, her talent was not recognised.

She said some artists asked her to put vocals in their songs and did not even pay her so that discouraged her to

continue being in the industry. Lucia Dottie said there was a point where she did her eight tracks album at South Africa with a certain man named Buthelezi who died before the project was completed and she ended up losing it, and gave up on releasing another album.

“My style is unique and different because I have the capability of using different vocals. The way I sing is unique. I don’t imitate anyone. I am a believer and it makes me humble and respect those in the same field with me. I also believe that Botswana has talent.

We are all gifted differently and the moment you become unique and use your talent the way it is, you will earn respect.

Above all, invite God in all you do and all shall be in place,” she advised aspiring artists and the youth at large.

She added that having people who encouraged and believed in her gave her the strength to carry on with her music career, saying that coming from a traditional set up also inspired her to keep pushing to get where she want to in her career.

She said having started her music journey back in 2003 under Solomon Mabutho also known as Chase where she was doing hip hop, she believed that this time around she will leave her footprint in the local music industry as she was working with one of the renowned music giants who is also known beyond Botswana borders.





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