Frank De Painter in a state of heavenly madness

Local contemporary visual artist, Frank De Painter Monageng recently released his latest collection called 'Art is hell of a drug'. While he is not your typical artist who ingests drugs into the body, and then brushes them out through the fingers, it looks like Frank De Painter’s very own creativity is the one that saves him from the worst of himself.

History tells us that creative people sometimes go into a state of “heavenly madness” and it enables them to communicate deeply with their art, be it visual or performing. Frank The Painter is a man who likes to tell his stories through his artworks and his creativity has proven to be essential.

We may never know the emotional effects that drives him to strike canvas with paint every time but the artist told Arts & Culture that he called the collection ‘Art is hell of a drug’ because he has realised that once someone understands art there is no turning back. “You can’t retreat from it,” he said.

He said he has already painted sixteen paintings but the intention is to go up to sixty artworks.  The Tlokweng-based artist said there was no theme in his current collection but the vision was to make it commercial no wonder the artworks are up for sale. “In my previous collections I was focusing on contemporary art but

I can’t remain the same artist forever,” he highlighted. 

Frank De Painter, who has released eight collections before the current one, said he has catered for everyone this time around. He believes that he has grown as an artist because his scope is now broader.

“My art is no longer just about painting and trying to prove my skill to people but it’s a business,” he said.  The young artist said he managed to sell majority of his artwork in the previous exhibition, which was inspired by music and politics, but now his focus is on Africa as a whole. As an artist he puts emotions into his work.

He explained that most of the paintings in his current collection is dominated by women because he has an intimate relation with each artwork. Frank De Painter acknowledges that art has grown but going forward as artists they need Arts Council. “We want this to be a multi-billion pula industry, it’s a business,” he said.




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