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The Day A Salesrep Missed On A Commission

After a commendable period of meritorious service, my van deserves to go into semi retirement. All else arent fit for purpose.

For a while Ive been at risk of being disowned by family and friends for it.

It’s not the safest ride out here. So today I visit a few dealerships. I get to this one and on display is some craft I think I could use. I proceed to inspect it. There’s this formally dressed guy leaning against a white hillux in the showroom, 6 metres away. He’s busy on his phone.

The brother takes a passive shot at me and gets back to the phone. You see im not big on dress. When im really formal its either by judicial or obvious compulsion.

Mmm....a customer perhaps waiting for assistance, i think. I don’t want to offend so I walk to the security lady and ask if I could see a sales rep. She points to the “customer”. He sees the lady as she points at him and our eyes lock for that fleeting moment. Couldn’t be bothered. Goes back to his phone. I approach the vehicle again and this time I signal him that I need assistance.

All this time I’m sporting nothing but the best of what I’ve learnt from moms university of good manners. This guy’s shoots me a curious glance that says “look here brother, I have no time

for windows shoppers”. All the while, im losing money being on that floor and its not his.

Its a reputable dealership. Well they are all owned by indians. Five seconds pass and hes glued to the van. Finally some movement on his part. He walks down lethargically and stops by me. He opens his organs of speech ... “Rra”. The tone is curt and condescending. He could well have said “mathata a gago ke eng”. I politely ask him if he really wants to help me and explain to him his conduct. He replies; “ga ke na nako ya tontokwane”. I size him up for a backhand. My mind tells me I could take the risk of aplying some modest severity. Then I remember I have family, friends and laws to respect and that I have a dozen employees who look up to me. I give him a lecture and leave.

This guy expected a man with a royal blue suit, lizard skin shoes and a gold watch. He decided i couldnt afford the car the miment I walked in. The bloke just cost himself a commission. I will spend my money where there’s some respect for customers. That’s BW in a nutshell. My people.


Kgosi Ngakaagae, via Facebook

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