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MTV Base list gets negative feedback

Internationally acclaimed music TV station MTV Base recently received backlash from a number of local rappers and hip-hop fans who are not impressed by the MTV Base Botswana’s Hottest MCs list.

The list, which surfaced online yesterday, comprises of 10 rappers listed in the following order 1. Zeus 2. Dramaboi 3. Sasa Klaas 4. Touch Motswak 5. Noello 6. E’Nigma 7. Scar 8. Kast 9. Ban T and 10. Veezo.

Despite not been aware of the criteria, a number rappers and music listeners were not impressed by the way the compilation was setup as most of them stated that some rappers did not deserve to be on the list while deserving rappers were not included in the list.

The disappointment and frustrations were visibly seen on the same platform that the list was posted.  One of the rappers on the list, Zeus responded to MTV Base on Twitter.

“BW list might’ve mixed up an all time list & 2016 list; if it’s all time you missing names like Nomadic, 2016; Obado, Ski Mask (sic)”.

Some of the rappers on the list were shocked by the fact that they made it on the list besides having not released any new musical material in a long time. Touch Motswak was surprised that he is number four on the list. He has not been active this year and has been pushing his Fresh 2 Tswak Lifestyle merchandise. Touch Motswak was quick to admit that he did not deserve to be on the list since he has not been active on the scene. “Thanks for the recognition MTV Base, but honestly speaking I feel like I don’t belong to this list. I didn’t do much this year. Research wasn’t done right,” he said. 

While some are saying all negative things about the list compiled by MTV Base other rappers on the list were bragging about being on the list despite the criticism.

Kast of

Tlatsa Lebala was quick to defend himself on the as he noted that he is one of highest selling rappers in the country, which means there is nothing wrong with him being on the list.  Normally on such compilations a number of elements such as album releases, features, live performances, bookings, lyrical content, fan base, radio and digital performances are put into consideration when making the list.

The list that was compiled by MTV Base shows that little research was done and most of the rappers on the list have not been active this year. They have not released any albums except for Drama Boi who released Township Music 2 a few months ago.  The likes of Zeus and Enigma released their last full-length projects in 2013 and 2012 respectively, Kast postponed Tlatsa Lebala more than twice with the rest having been on a low this year. Enigma has been focusing on her stand up comedy career, she has only rapped at open mic sessions, which she only did once early this year at Motswarapoetry.

MTV Base has been compiling this type of list for different countries. Locally every year a list of top 10 MCs is compiled by a number of hip hop heads. One of the local hip hop heads that compiles the local list Mduduzi Madzwamuse went on Facebook and lambasted MTV Base saying, “Let’s just all ignore the MTV Base List. It’s ill researched and believe me there was no input from any BW hip-hop activists or contributors to the game this year. It’s a list by an individual based in SA with no clue about our music industry, even though its their job to know (sic)” he said.




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