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Councillors Want Security Companies To Pay

Councillors for Gaborone City Council (GCC) have urged council to tighten its agreement it has with security companies. This comes after councillors and council officials complained that thieves break into schools at night.

Last week during a council meeting, the councillors demanded to know if security companies do compensate council or meet it half way for the damages since council is paying them to guard its buildings during the night and afternoons.

“We are paying a lot of money to this security companies but our properties as council especially schools are broken into every week. Are they guarding this building at night or not. I honestly doubt that some of this security guards do their job,” councillor for Babusi ward Daniel Mokgatla said.

“We need a detailed report on break in incidents that happened in schools,” he said. Councillor for Selemela ward, James Mathogojane said though crime is rife in Gaborone security companies needs to up their game.  “The reason why the security companies are not tightening their security after winning council tenders for providing security is that there know very well that we are not making them to pay. Is time the companies are made to pay when council properties are broken into,” Mathogojane said.

He continued; “At times you will find them having visitors

during working hours especially female ones. They don’t even question a person when going into school premises. This is completely wrong.”

Most councillors who commented shared the same sentiments.

However town clerk Mpho Mathe promised councillors that they would re-look into contracts for security companies when they enter into agreement with the new ones since the old ones are about to come to an end.

“We have also been concerned about incidents of burglary in our primary schools. Just three weeks back, three cases have been reported to us. At times security guards are failing to give us proper report on where they were when it happened. These thieves normally stealsTVs, electronic equipment or computers,” Mathe said.

He said council had been lucky because its properties are covered by insurance otherwise it could be spending lot of money on those damages.

“Some of these incidents happen because of negligence from security guards. The thieves take advantage because some of them don’t take their job seriously. I agree with councillors. It’s high time their companies pay for any damaged or stolen goods,” he said.




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