BFA brings football into disrepute

Of late, we see or hear stories of how badly the Botswana Football Association (BFA) National Executive Committee (NEC) is tearing itself apart. The executive is said to be at war with itself and unfortunately the president has not come out to deny the reports thus reinforcing the belief and perception that all is not well within the executive.

I had expected the association’s president to come out to quash such rumours. My view was that the president would call a press conference together with his other committee members to show the nation that they are one and the alleged differences are just professional arguments, which are healthy for the growth of the game and the association in general.

However, the reports are coming out as malicious gossip. Week in and week out the public is inundated with news of division if not a semi paralysis state of the executive. For me, it would appear the entire BFA executive including the president is indisciplined. Why I say this is because every little discussion of the executive committee always finds its way to the media including midnight meetings.

My take is that what is discussed within the executive ought to be confidential and remains as such. An executive committee meeting is not a freedom square or parliamentary forum where each member wants to be heard. I also know that in an elected committee like the BFA NEC, it is impossible to agree on everything given the diverse background and training of all those in the executive.

If that was to happen it would be outright abnormal and not good for the game. But as a follower of the sport, I am of the view that the BFA’s entire executive is bringing the sport into disrepute. These people seem to have forgotten that they are not the only stakeholders, but there are many other people and organisations that have an interest. In short, the executive has brought the game into disrepute.

My request however is that the Tebogo Sebego-led administration ought to remove the media from its meetings/ offices. As long as the media is part of the BFA executive committee, the executive will not have any peace. It is also apparent that the committee has no code of conduct as the members are fond of leaking confidential information to the public.

The committee ought to have a strategy as to how it handles or deals with the media. For now, there seems to be no ethics or professionalism and unfortunately the chief executive officer is drawn into the fray as he is accused of being aligned to the president.

My analysis of the situation is that there is no respect towards each other and words such as sabotage are becoming a common feature. This would imply that one camp thinks it has the interest of the game at heart while the other group is hell bent on blocking progress.

I would like to see Sebego protecting the other committee members, some of whom are being accused of what is tantamount to treason, otherwise it would imply he has unleashed some of his vicious allies to attack them as they have no forum to defend themselves.

The association cannot afford to be perpetually at war with itself. There has been too much brouhaha either within the secretariat or the executive. The pending presidential election needs not derail everything, but instead the executive ought to work extra hard to endear itself to the affiliates.


FIFA presidential candidate

My take is that whoever the BFA votes for or supports in the FIFA presidential elections should not cause major furore within the executive. If the association has clear objectives and principles, that decision should be clear. I am of the view that the association has certain expectations that it can use either to vet out candidates or support them.

I therefore do not understand why this is reportedly a major issue.

That said I think irrespective of the outcome of the judgement of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Michel Platini ought not to contest the presidential elections.

When Joseph Blatter was at the helm, he refused to challenge him despite requests from affiliates. Now that Blatter has decided to step down, he is fighting tooth and nail to be the next FIFA president.

He is no more the highly valued Platini he was before the FIFA scandal broke out, and he voted for Qatar. I am not sure if he is in the group that says Qatar should be stripped of that right. It has since emerged that he was protecting French interests and those of his son who soon thereafter got businesses in Qatar. He is not the most honourable.



With FC Satmos looking destined for relegation, all indications are that the north, north central will be the biggest loser as Motlakase Power Dynamos, BR Highlanders and Green Lovers could fight it out for the other two relegation slots.

The non-performance of teams in the north and north central is a clear difference of the imbalance in the distribution of wealth and may be the Economic Stimulus Package ought to concentrate more in these areas.

Selebi-Phikwe is reportedly dying a natural death, while Francistown is not doing that great either but at least there are some economic activities planned for the area. If I had my way, the likes of Nico United and Satmos would merge to form one strong Selebi-Phikwe team and so should the likes of TASC, TAFIC and ECCO City Greens.

This trend also means that if the number of clubs in the Premiership were to be reduced, these areas will not only suffer but football as whole because through this exercise a lot of talent has been unearthed. The going has not only been tough for clubs in the north and north central, but rough as well.

One just wishes that the people of Maun and businesses there could support Sankoyo Bush Bucks so that it does not relegate. It is in the interest of the business community in Maun and the surrounding areas to support this team. For now, it is the pride of the North West. But a merger of clubs in Francistown and Selebi-Phikwe is the only best way out.

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