Letter to Seretse: Bangwato seek witchdoctor to bewitch President

Sir Seretse Khama
Sir Seretse Khama

Dear Seretse. Things are very bad in Serowe. As I mentioned in my last letter that Ian is still mad at his successor, Edison’s son Mokgweetsi, I regret to inform you that tempers have now escalated beyond tantrums over state aircraft to witchcraft.

So last year, Ian fled the country and went on a self-imposed exile in South Africa. Well, he denied this saying: “I am not in exile. I did not flee the country and I am on a private visit having meetings and then visiting family and friends then I will return." But it is the fourth month now since he walked out of the country at the Martin's Drift Border, ditching his official car and leaving his state security detail dumbfounded. He keeps promising that he will be back soon. But it is not happening. He never came back. Ian did not even come for his famed Christmas event with the children of Palamaokue in Serowe – the youngsters in the village were very frustrated. But this is not about the frustrated village youths missing Christmas hampers. The family is troubled. Ian might be jailed upon his return, and he knows this.

Your son walked out of the country while he was being investigated by the Directorate of Intelligence Service (DIS) over possession of weapons of war. Wait, before you spill your drink thinking Ian is now in some illicit arms of war trade, in your beloved republic, he is still flatly denying any wrongdoing. He says the DIS is after the gifts: Guns that he received while he was still president. His toy guns. Your boy and toys. You might remember from my previous letters that this began with the fight over using state aircraft. Ian was mad that he is 'unlawfully' denied use of state aircraft despite his entitlement as prescribed by his pension package. He says the weapons of war probe is just another political witch-hunt led by the intelligence boss sent by Edison’s son because he left Domkrag and they want to 'eliminate' him.

Editor's Comment
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