Gov't should take lead in court order adherence

A key aspect of upholding the rule of law is the commitment to respecting and implementing court orders and following due legal processes.

When a government fails in this fundamental duty, it not only undermines the principles of justice and accountability but also erodes the very trust that citizens place in their institutions. The recent case involving the denial of an appeal by the Botswana government in the matter of Tawana Augustine Bapaphi, a Science teacher, serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of adhering to court orders and processes. Bapaphi's legal battle for the restoration of his scarce skills allowance is a testament to the perseverance of an individual in pursuit of justice. However, it is also a reflection of the challenges citizens can face when their government fails to comply with legal rulings. In the case at hand, Justice Goemekgabo Tebogo-Maruping of the Court of Appeal ruled against the government's attempt to appeal a High Court decision that had favoured Bapaphi.

This decision was not only a victory for Bapaphi but also a reaffirmation of the principles that underpin the rule of law. Justice Tebogo-Maruping assessed government's application for appeal, exposing multiple errors and lapses in procedure, including a delay in filing, misidentification of parties, and incorrect descriptions of the nature of the application. The significance of this ruling lies not only in the restoration of Bapaphi's rights but also in the message it sends about the government's accountability. It demonstrates that no one, not even the highest echelons of power, can act with impunity when it comes to respecting the rule of law. Furthermore, the case highlights the duty of government institutions to uphold the law.

Editor's Comment
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