‘Boraboko’ should face the wrath of the law

The last two weeks have not been easy on residents of Molepolole following the disappearance of a taximan who was found dead with missing body parts.

Still in Molepolole, a young woman was also reported missing, only for her decapitated body to be found inside in a shallow grave! The issue of missing persons has always been a challenge in our country, and a considerable number of missing persons are unfortunately found dead! Something troubling is the murders related to missing persons, which touch on an array of issues, including the killing of intimate partners, often referred to as passion killings. Others are the barbaric ritual killings! Shockingly, there are still people who believe it is fine to brutally kill someone’s child to use their body parts for ritual purposes.

The world continues to evolve, and as such certain practices, which never made sense to begin with have been overtaken by events! While it is common knowledge that culture continues to evolve and some of the discriminatory practices that used to haunt African cultures have been dealt with, the same cannot be said about the belief that human body parts can help people achieve what they want. This is not only sad but also shameful that grown men and women see their murderous acts as something that can bring them riches, luck, or whatever nonsense that they think will happen. Nowadays, we have information at our fingertips, no one should listen to some con man or woman saying that they can get rich or get what they want from harvesting parts from another human being! The level of stupidity of those who have followed this practice and of those who continue to follow the practice is shocking! This practice has never been part of any African culture. It's just vile people who want to extort money from others while at the same time satisfying their murderous and evil intent.

Why is it that these idiots never think to sacrifice their own? It is for the simple fact that they know it is very painful to lose a member of one’s family at the prime of their life at the hands of selfish fools. Let's introspect Batswana. Let's be each other’s keeper; all lives matter! To you ‘Boraboko’, those parents whose children you kill for your evil intentions love their children as much as you love yours! And finally, to the government, we plead for heftier sentences on ‘Boraboko’. Lock them up and throw away the keys! Hope the family of the young man who was murdered for alleged ritual purposes will find solace in the Lord and be comforted. The whole country is behind you!

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