Adhere To COVID-19 Regulations!

The dramatic increase in the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases have led to yet another lockdown, something that many people were dreading, especially since a number of businesses have already started feeling the pinch. 

This is especially so following the opening of the economy after the initial lockdowns, only to close down again. Data show that 27 students from different classes attending Terrence Private School in Mogoditshane tested positive for coronavirus, alongside one teacher, and two parents of two students from the same school in which the original COVID-19 case was found and a friend to one of the students, bringing the total to 31. Masa Primary School has also registered eight positive cases, being four teachers and four students.  The total number of active cases as of Sunday afternoon stood at 75. The spike has instilled fear in people, but sadly, there are others, who think this is a joke. In the wee hours of Friday, Dibete, which is a cut-off for Greater Gaborone was packed with people who wanted to go spend lockdown in their home villages, something, which was very irresponsible on their part.  We have all been advised to sanitise, wash hands with soap and water, and wear masks at all times when in a public area, but disgustingly, there are still some people who choose to behave like delinquents. You see the virus does not discriminate and is likely to affect anyone with whom it comes into contact. So, the idiotic behaviour shown by some individuals who keep crossing zones, have the potential of spreading the virus like veldt fire. Some people seem to mistake the lockdowns for holidays, hence the need to run home the minute a lockdown is announced. Several countries are struggling to contain the spread of this virus, with some registering frightening numbers of that for some sadly add to the growing fatalities. Is that where we want to see ourselves as Batswana if we are not taking this virus seriously? The numbers we have recorded so far, are quite scary, and may rise following the contact-tracing process. Let’s work with the task force and the government to fight the spread of this fatal virus, and safeguard the future of our children. Meanwhile, the incident that transpired at Borolong Primary School at Borolong leaves a lot to be desired. The importance of adhering to COVID-19 regulations cannot be overemphasised, but we need not throw our compassion out the window when dealing with learners, specifically pupils at primary level.  Of course the children need to be taught the importance of cleanliness, but at that age, the responsibility to make sure that the child goes to school neat, lies more with the parents.

Editor's Comment
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