Tracing the etymology of the ancient term �zu�

The ancient Mesopotamian term su/zu, meant “dark, black”. There is little doubt that it relates etymologically to the Setswana term “tsho”, as we will see. Given this, “AP.SU” (a pivotal term in the Sumerian text Enuma-Elish – also called the Epic of Creation) means not “primordial waters”, as scholars suppose, but “a covering of darkness”. Indeed ap means “cover” in Setswana.

As such, apara – which evidently relates to “apparel”, a dress – is “put on cover” and apola is “remove cover”. This is but one case to illustrate my learned contention that we once all spoke the same language.

 The symbol for AP.SU was evidently wave-like, hence the mistaken association with water. Actually, it likened “darkness” to a wave form (just as “light” certainly is). But scholars were not too far off: they were no doubt influenced by the biblical phrase (Genesis 1:2) “In the beginning…the earth was dark and without form…and the spirit of God moved over the waters of the deep”. Indeed, in scientific terms, the “eruption” of the sun not only brought forth light, the molten material (the “waters”) it flung out cooled and solidified into spheres (“earth” or soil) in the weightlessness of space, which became planets. These then orbited the sun due to the effects of gravitational pull. (The earliest parts of Genesis, however, were not written by Moses but adapted from Babylonian legend which in turn derived from the Sumerian culture.) But even so, why does the term “sun” appear to entail a polar-opposite term su (darkness)?

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