The Bank Of Mum And Dad

Mary says to her daughter: “sorry sweetie, I can’t buy you that toy now – we’ve got no money left till payday”. Lebo, her four-year-old daughter replies “Just go to the ATM machine Mum! The machine always gives you money - you just have to put your card in the wall.”

How simple this process seems to a young child. Lebo does not understand what is really happening (and at her age who can blame her!) At some stage though, it is imperative that we teach our children the basics of money.

A child’s-eye view

Editor's Comment
A woman’s right to choose: Or is it?

Here in Botswana, we have many single-parent households, mostly female-led, so what does that suggest? That some fathers choose to ditch the responsibility of caring for their children and leave them to the ones who carry them during pregnancy to do the heavy lifting.Of course, in other dynamics, there are instances where the father wants to keep the baby and the would-be mother does not want to, hence the saying ‘whose body is it anyway’.In...

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