Serial entrepreneurs plugs the medical manufacturing gap

BITC CEO Keletsositse Olebile (left)  with Medical Devices Botswana Founder Dr Thato Kgosimotho during the BITC aftercare visits
BITC CEO Keletsositse Olebile (left) with Medical Devices Botswana Founder Dr Thato Kgosimotho during the BITC aftercare visits

Two innovative serial entrepreneurs, Dr Thato Kgosimotho and his partner Dr Thuto Ralegorane, have joined the bandwagon of a handful of locals who have penetrated the drugs manufacturing industry.

The duo’s company, which trades as Medical Devices Botswana, provides a diversified range of high quality pharmaceutical products that include anti-retroviral, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic and anti-biotic tablets and capsules. It was in 2016 when the two entrepreneurs, who were then doctors in the public sector, decided to spread their wings and start their own manufacturing of hospital consumables. Narrating the journey, Kgosimotho said it all started in 2016 while they were still doctors at the government hospital. After working in public sector, they then decided to venture into manufacturing of hospital consumables, he revealed.

Two years later in 2018, their dream came alive as they started manufacturing medical devices that included auto disable syringes, canola’s, IVU’s, circumcision kit, injections, surgical gowns and gloves, masks, transfusion sets, viginal dilators, transfusion kits to mention but a few. “We identified the gap, and as professionals in the medical industry, it was indeed the right step,” Kgosimotho said. A year later, the duo expanded their operations by opening two clinics and pharmacies in Ramotswa and Mochudi under the Ultra Care brand. Further in 2020, they started selling pills and distributing medication for humans and animals. This was done through their international partners, both technical partners and exclusive agency partners in United States and China. They also have partnership with various international supplies of drugs and vaccines. “Our growth strategy is based on the Beats strategy, it is quite a risky move but can be rewarding if done right,” he said.

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