Family Business Revives Dying Art Craft


A middle-aged couple, Alex and Gloria Nogwe, noted a gap in the weaving business and birthed the city’s very own unique business in 2012.

With Nogwe Holdings being a little over six years, Alex said that they work from home. Always interested to learn new things, Nogwe stated that he and his wife over the years delved into a variety of caning and weaving techniques to a point where they were able to weave whatever it was that a customer wanted and in any form or shape.

Though they specialise a lot in seat weaving, he pointed out that they often have customers from time to time. Though the reception has been good, Nogwe highlighted that a peak of their entrepreneurial journey would be even much greater if they would expand to Maun and Kasane like they are planning to if they find investors in their weaving business.

“Even though we specialise in seat weaving, we also make beds, washing baskets, wardrobes and we also repair people’s furniture,” he added.

However, with no or very little competition in the city, Nogwe pointed out that they have challenges in the weaving industry that could stifle their growth.

A major one, according to Nogwe, is that they have no means of advertising leading to less exposure, as they believe they could have a broader clientele.

With the aim of making a mark countrywide, Nogwe indicated that they have plans of expanding their business and have a much bigger space of operation. He added that they would like to open a school that will solely focus on teaching particularly the youth the skill of weaving just so that they can carry on the art and not let it perish and also make a living out of it.

“My wife and I would be glad to teach anyone how to do caning and weaving just so they can carry on the art,” he said.

Additionally, he mentioned that they offer their buyers a one or two-year guarantee depending on the type of product they buy.

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