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‘Steal ideas’ There’s nothing wrong with stealing, it just depends what you’re stealing. I don’t mean you can steal someone’s property, either physical or intellectual, that’ll just get you into trouble with the law. But there’s nothing wrong with you borrowing ideas and seeking inspiration from other people and places.

In New York one of the largest cellphone network providers, AT&T, is installing solar powered charging stations for cellphones and tablet computers throughout the city. If you’re passing through New York and your cellphone runs low on power you connect it at one of these stations and, entirely for free, you can top up on power.

These charging stations use solar powered batteries so they work during daytime but also store excess charge in battery packs which means they can still charge you up during the middle of the night. The state of solar technology is so good these days that they only actually need a couple of hours of sunshine per day to operate.

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Let’s stand against the menace of ‘CAT’

Methcathinone’s addictive grip is tightening, and its consequences are devastating. Lives are being ruined, families torn apart, and futures dashed by its destructive power. The drug’s allure knows no bounds, with various methods of ingestion making it accessible to users of all preferences.Whether it’s snorted, smoked, injected, or taken orally, the outcome is the same: a path of ruin and despair. It is time for action. The government,...

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