Budget Wisely, Shop Smart

The excitement of the upcoming Festive Season is starting to spread around Botswana. All the shops have dressed themselves with bright lights and sparkles, luring us into the magic of Christmas. The specials are screaming out, tempting us into the shops and away from our budgets that we have been trying to stick to all year. Shoppers Beware!

Stick To Your Budget

We usually get paid early in December and have to wait until the end of January to get paid again.  This can be 6 to 7 weeks between salaries.  We also have the tendency to spend all of our bonuses as a “treat fund” to spoil ourselves and impress, instead of using it to help bridge this gap between salaries.When you consider all these factors, you realise how important it is to carefully budget and plan all your spending wisely. Aside from your usual budget that covers all your common monthly expenses, write a list of additional things you need to spend money on leading up to the holidays, and include your Christmas expenses.

Editor's Comment
Shame on the Police!

According to a press statement from the police, unidentified armed men attacked on duty police officers at the station in the early hours of Tuesday.During the attack, the suspects stole 14 riffles, five pistols and an undisclosed number of ammunition.Although unconfirmed, it is alleged that the suspects were just carrying knives and axes, which they used to scare the men and women in uniform before they took them hostage to help themselves to...

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