The Need To Encourage, Uphold And Protect Cultural Rights – Reclaiming Culture?

“The importance of Africans’ cultural heritage to their sense of who they are still isn’t recognized sufficiently by them, or others. Culture is the means by which a people express itself, through language, traditional wisdom, politics, religion, architecture, music, tools, greetings, symbols, festivals, ethics, values, and collective identity.” Wangari Maathai, The Challenge for Africa

Generally, when we consider human rights, we are often referring to civil and political rights, or social and economic rights. We hardly speak of cultural rights. This is of course not to say they don’t exist, but rather to acknowledge that in many instances, they remain largely undeveloped, in the sense that they are hardly catered for, in budgeting, and prioritizing. Tis general neglect largely leads to a lack of active cognizance of the impact of one’s society’s intellects, or the determination of the different identifying characteristics and other identifiers of groups of people from whence we come.

Botswana, having been decultured in a similar manner to other regional states, during the protectorate period, has had to rediscover her cultural heritages. This will not only help us in reconnecting with the past, but also in guiding our spiritual, political, economic and social developments. This need arises from the dilution of our cultures with those of others.

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