The Nation On A Cliff

On November 8, the President delivered yet another State of the Nation Address (SONA). He covered a vast range of thematic areas of focus, including the economy and employment, social upliftment, sustainable environment, and governance, peace and security.

I would really like to engage on the lack of context or even critical engagement with fact under social upliftment, and how what was actually shared were an ideal Botswana and the first lady’s project. However, like the Law Society of Botswana, and Unity Dow, I believe it is crucial to engage with governance, peace and security, the state of the judiciary and the rule of law.

I think one of the greatest pitfalls of our leaders is that they are leading a nation who, although largely educated, lack a desire to intellectually engage with issues which affect us as a nation. Of course, this is largely due to the legacy of the previous administration, where we were led through fear and intimidation, which have left us in a collective state of post-traumatic stress disorders of sorts, which plays itself out in various ways. To a great extent, many Batswana would rather steer clear of political conversation, because it does little to advance us as a nation, and because realistically, we are a passive aggressive nation, who would rather not deal with issues head on, for any real solutions. We would rather draw circles around issues, trying our best to not offend, as that would disrupt the fickle peace we imagine our nation to be founded on. In the language of spirituality, this passive aggression has left us with greater demons to fight, than we would have anticipated.

Editor's Comment
Gov’t, Balete should bury the hatchet

The acrimony that seemingly characterised the relationship between the Malete Land Board on behalf of the Botswana government and Kgosi Mosadi Seboko and the tribe, should now be water under the bridge as the tribe has finally gotten what it has been fighting for - the land.Kgosi Mosadi has articulated an instance upon which she was allegedly summoned to the State House by the Head of State, Mokgweetsi Masisi where the former claimed she was...

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