The conscious party

In a world filled with erratic volatility, the inspiration was smooth and peaceful. As the magic of biology facilitated the requisite oxygen exchange, the expiration with its carbon dioxide cargo tranquilly left my body. As my eyes opened, my cognitive machine joined the conscious party.

The room, bathed in the gentle glow of the sun’s morning whispers, revealed itself through thick curtains, each thread illuminated by the soft luminescence.

In this delicate interplay of breath, light and consciousness, the day extended its invitation, wrapped in the subtle enchantment of a sunlit hello. Amidst the tranquil embrace of a moment devoid of relentless stimuli, I discovered a profound wellspring of inner peace and happiness.

My mind, akin to a serene flowing river, revelled in the absence of incessant disturbances. Nature’s unparalleled artistry unfolded before me, a masterpiece painted across the canvas of existence.

Stepping into the world, I was greeted by nature’s finest salutation. The canvas above painted a majestic blue, the sun graced the African air with its warm, welcoming smile. Nestling into the driver’s seat, I ignited the car’s engine, exchanging a knowing smile with my wife, Shabana, on the passenger side. As the Bluetooth seized control of the playlist, the opening notes of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” embraced the atmosphere. Dave Gahan’s baritone voice, a summer symphony, filled the air, and a subtle smile etched its way onto my face. A maestro on the stage, Gahan’s vocal prowess had earned him accolades, a fact that drifted into my thoughts as the melody unfolded.

While reminiscing, my smile lingered, recalling how Depeche Mode had crafted a scintillating soundtrack for the adventurous chapters of my life – from the corridors of high school to the avenues of university. In that moment, behind the wheel, the past harmonised with the present, and the rhythm of memories danced alongside the beat of the road.

Basking in the moment, my smile persisted, and upon our exit from the car, a scene of saturated beauty unfolded before us. A carpet of vibrant green grass welcomed our steps, while the sounds of people revelling in the brilliance of a summer day permeated the air. Following the familiar path, I treaded towards my first destination. As I rounded the corner, entering the shaded embrace of the building, a captivating fragrance enveloped me. This wasn’t the allure of Chanel No. 5 or Tom Ford’s classics, but rather a scent far more universally cherished. Beyond the sophisticated world of perfumery, I alluded to the enchantment of coffee – a sepia elixir that, since its discovery by Ethiopian herder, Kaldi and his goat, has held humanity in its aromatic grasp. Its essence conjured memories of cold winter nights with loved ones and the echoes of laughter shared among friends, creating a tapestry of warmth and nostalgia. In an instant, a multitude of familiar faces graced my gaze.

The meeting of eyes sparked warm and knowing smiles, and as I uttered a salutation, my attention was drawn to the bright eyes and engaging smile of Wabuya. She, the sovereign of a wondrous realm not so distant – a haven known as the Fourth Unit coffee shop, located at the Olive Grove market at the Serbian church in Phakalane. Beside her, her striking brother, affectionately dubbed Mr Handsome, stood poised to take my order.

Before instructing him, my eyes canvassed the surroundings in search of my Saturday saviour – the remarkable and talented barista, College. A sigh of relief escaped me as I spotted him diligently at work, conjuring his unique brand of magic for the fortunate patrons.

In this caffeinated kingdom, every sip promised not just a beverage but an experience, woven with the enchantment spun by the hands of those who understood the alchemy of a perfect cup. Awaiting our beverages, I exchanged greetings and banter with the familiar faces of Saturday mornings. Laughter and joy infused the weekend air, effectively relegating the everyday stresses to the distant back burner. College’s anticipatory smile mirrored my own as our coffees arrived, each cup adorned with our names expertly printed atop the delicious elixir. Securing a spot beneath the sheltering canopy of a grand tree, we joined others revelling in coffee and an array of aromatic delights.

This was the moment I had yearned for all week. Lifting my mug to my lips, the hot liquid captured and devoured my soul, prompting my eyes to instinctively close. The myriad of flavours leaped and tantalised my eager taste buds, the warmth orchestrating a soothing symphony within my physiology. Transported to a realm of serenity and well-being, I revelled in the culmination of this long-awaited moment. These occasions remind us that amidst life’s chaos, it’s the small pleasures that make a day truly meaningful. Overflowing with happiness and good cheer, it’s a reminder to appreciate the little things – share a smile, explore new culinary delights, and let music transport you to magical places. As we embark on a new year, may these simple pleasures alter our biology and bring us lasting happiness.

Happy New Year!

Editor's Comment
CoA brings sanity to DIS/DCEC long-standing feud

This decision follows the raiding of the office of the former Director General of the DCEC, Tymon Katlholo early 2022 and his staff officer by the DIS operatives who reportedly took files that they had targeted.After all back and forth arguments, the CoA has set the record straight giving an invaluable lesson to the DIS that it was no super security organ and it does not have any powers to cogently supervise other security organs including the...

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