Igniting a flame

I eased the chair away from the desk, the carpet swallowing any hint of noise as it glided across the floor. My knapsack found its place atop the vacant desk. Delving into its depths, I unearthed my trusty red binder, proudly emblazoned with the word “Français” in bold letters.

Yet, my quest did not end there; my fingers continued their exploration, revealing a treasure hidden within the depths of my bag. Emerging from the shadows, a diminutive book graced my palm, its cover adorned with a mesmerising animated illustration. As my gaze traced its intricate lines, the title “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry emerged. A smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I beheld the worn exterior and well-loved pages of this literary gem. I marveled at the profound significance harboured within the slender volume. For within its confines lay a universe of wisdom, a microcosm of life’s journey.

I arrived early to French class, greeted by the sight of a few scattered classmates milling about. As I settled into my seat, the familiar faces of my friends Tina Pope and Gary Burrows appeared, taking their places beside me. We engaged in playful banter and laughter, as we exchanged updates on our lives, a ritual as comforting as it was joyous. Soon, the classroom buzzed with activity as more students filtered in, filling the space with lively chatter. Our teacher, the esteemed Rory MacDonald, entered the room with an air of authority tempered by warmth. Despite the distinct absence of “Frenchness” in his surname, MacDonald embodied the spirit of language education with unparalleled zeal.

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