Beneath the surface

Lurking in the shadows, unseen yet ever-present, it pulsed beneath the surface like a coiled serpent ready to strike. His adrenaline-fuelled heartbeat betrayed the calm, steely resolve in his blue eyes.

Muscles flexing, he instinctively reached for the familiar handle. As his fingers curled around the smooth metal, its energy surged through him, fuelling the storm within his powerful frame. The blade’s steely glint momentarily startled him, but this was his life. His body, honed by countless battles, instinctively calmed as he lifted his sword, ready to face the darkness once more.

He walked slowly along the familiar path, the echo of his footsteps reflecting against the stone-lined tunnel walls. Cool air wrapped around him, carrying a distinctive scent. He inhaled deeply, a thoughtful smile playing on his lips as he identified the aroma. It wasn’t just the smell of fear and uncertainty; it was the unmistakable scent of danger, lingering like a silent warning, and it thrilled him to his core. He blinked as he stepped into the blinding light. The heat struck his cool skin, and the deafening roar of thousands assaulted his ears. Were they cheering for him or merely bracing for the spectacle to follow? He scanned the arena and easily spotted his adversary. Their eyes met, but there was no acknowledgment. They slipped their iron helmets over their faces, each hoping to see another sunrise and revel once more in the presence of their loved ones.

Editor's Comment
CoA brings sanity to DIS/DCEC long-standing feud

This decision follows the raiding of the office of the former Director General of the DCEC, Tymon Katlholo early 2022 and his staff officer by the DIS operatives who reportedly took files that they had targeted.After all back and forth arguments, the CoA has set the record straight giving an invaluable lesson to the DIS that it was no super security organ and it does not have any powers to cogently supervise other security organs including the...

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