A quest

A gentle breeze, a prelude to the impending northern winter, caressed my skin, whispering cryptic warnings. Unlike the persistent warmth of North American summers, autumn emerged as the most enchanting chapter.

Nature’s brush painted a vivid symphony of delightful hues that danced through the air. The cool embrace wasn’t just a weather shift but a herald of a serotonin tsunami, a wave of well-being surging through the senses. An umbrella of wellbeing surrounded the realm with Christmas peering around a not so distant corner.

With unwavering determination, I embarked on a quest, my strides purposeful, propelling me towards my personal nirvana. The bustling heart of Yonge Street, Toronto, bore witness to my journey, leading me to the hallowed grounds of the iconic Eaton Centre shopping mall. In the documenting of my high school narrative, this moment, fuelled by the earnings of a tenacious part-time job, marked an urgent call for a significant acquisition.

Editor's Comment
Routine child vaccination imperative

The recent Vaccination Day in Motokwe, orchestrated through collaborative efforts between UNICEF, USAID, BRCS, and the Ministry of Health, underscores a commendable stride towards fortifying child health services.The painful reality as reflected by the Ministry of Health's data regarding the decline in routine immunisation coverage since the onset of the pandemic, is a cause for concern.It underscores the urgent need to address the...

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