A brighter tomorrow

Blue, the colour of calm and serenity, paints the world in its tranquil hue. It is the whisper of a summer sky, stretching endlessly above, inviting dreams to soar on its delicate canvas.

A symphony of azure waves crashes against the shore, echoing the vastness of the ocean's depths. Blue, the guardian of secrets, conceals mysteries within its depths, luring explorers to uncover the enigmas that lie hidden beneath the surface.

In the realm of emotions, blue dances between melancholy and hope. It is the melancholic sigh of a lonely heart, aching for connection amidst the vastness of existence.

Editor's Comment
Stop the children killing madness!

The incident comes on the heels of a similar one where a father murdered his two toddlers in Francistown. As we grapple with the shock and sorrow of this loss, it is essential to address the underlying issues that led to such a horrific outcome.Our hearts go out to the innocent victims, the three boys aged 13, 10, and eight who lost their lives in circumstances that defy comprehension. Their deep cuts and untimely demise have left a scar on the...

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