The shocking part about rule on foreign players

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) reminder about an existing rule on the signing of foreign players has caused an uproar. Judging from comments, the majority are not in agreement with the rule.

But that is a debate for the latter part of today’s column. For the uninitiated, the BFA recently sent a reminder to clubs that they should not sign foreign players with less than three national team caps. Those caps can be earned from any age group; that is from junior up to senior national teams. The announcement caused a lot of discomfort with accusations that the BFA is inept. I am shocked that the BFA has chosen to be quiet in this matter when all stones are thrown at Lekidi Centre. I may need some lessons on the crafting of local football rules and regulations, but from my understanding and my interaction with the BFA chief executive officer, Mfolo Mfolo, the rule around the signing of foreign players is not new.

The ink has long dried as the regulation came into effect last year October. The issue for now, is not about the rule being a good or bad rule. It is about how clubs can fail to pick something that is in black and white for nearly a year. It is either this rule was not enforced or the clubs do not read their own rules. My understanding is that the rule came into effect in October 2022, and was approved by the General Assembly during the November 2022 sitting. The general assembly makes the laws. I am here wondering, after last year’s Generaly Assembly, the clubs did not bother to check what had been agreed upon? Here clubs cannot turn and accuse the BFA as if this is a new rule.

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