The BFA and unending Claudius moments

In William Shakespeare’s production, The Tragedy of Hamlet, there is a moment when the protagonist, Hamlet walks in and finds his uncle, Claudius praying.

Hamlet had been looking for such a glorious moment to avenge his father’s death and this was the gilt-edged opportunity he had long been waiting for. But Hamlet hesitates, if he kills Claudius in his moment of prayer, it will be useless.

Why? Claudius will go to heaven which is not what Hamlet desires. Hamlet wants to plunge the dagger at a moment when Claudius is committing sin, a sure way to send him to hell. It’s a moment of indecisiveness and Hamlet lets Claudius free. It is not exactly the sure-fit analogy but it’s not too far from describing the ponderous Botswana Football Association (BFA).

The BFA has on countless occasions been indecisiveness personified, leading to questions on the overall thoroughness of the decision making process. The association has become the undisputed master of somersaults. It is now hardly surprising for the BFA to threaten some action only to loosen at the end of the day.

They have become so predictable that even in their own decision making, they don’t believe the authenticity of their process. The football world was once told that there would be strict adherence to Club Licensing, a process which gives green light or otherwise, for clubs to participate in the league. But clubs like Extension Gunners and Mogoditshane Fighters cheekily said “hold my beverage.” The two clubs nonchalantly failed to meet the requirements, but for two seasons, they were part of the 16-team assembly. In fact, the two did not need to fulfil the requirements until their demotion last season. In successive seasons, clubs that failed to meet the requirements were pardoned, making a mockery of the whole process. Not too long, clubs were reminded of the rule on the signing of foreign players. Just a week or so later, that reminder was apologetically thrown out of the Lekidi Football Centre window as the BFA again tucks its tail between the legs.

The BFA organ, the Botswana Football League (BFL) recently announced teams will eventually be trimmed to 12. Amid a pushback from some clubs, that decision, I can bet, will not see the light of the day. So essentially, the BFA makes rules in order to rescind or put them in abeyance. It’s becoming an annoying order of the day, which either points to the association’s dithering or lack of thoroughness. Both outcomes are undesirable in an organisation seeking to be progressive.

Some decisions are well meaning, but are not well thought out while some are just downright populist. But clubs should not stand aside and assume the cheerleading role in the bashing of the BFA.

They are an indispensable part of this mess as clubs are a vital component in this system called the BFA. The clubs are part and parcel to the making and passing of these laws only to cry foul when the situation does not favour them. They too should not be spared the criticism as more often, what happens at association level, mirrors the general leadership at club level. The argument must sound too general but it has some grain of truth.

Editor's Comment
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