Matters of classroom instructions

Without any shadow of doubt, a case has been made that the bulk of issues smothering the potential of students are very directly connected and linked to matters of classroom instructional practice. This is to say the issue of classroom instructional practice remains the most potent game changer.

If a school desires to achieve an upward academic movement, it should start with getting things right in the halls of instruction. Getting into the right gear of best classroom instructional practices is not necessarily a gift from God, rather success in the classroom is a phenomenon that can be sculpted and crafted over time through careful planning and execution, learning and growing from experience. Planning and execution, if well done, will have a gestation period of two to three years.

This is the more reason why every school should assume the character of a learning community where not only students are expected to learn but where teachers are also obliged to embrace a continuing culture of professional development anchored on their practical experiences in the field. No training should come in a vacuum. All training should be informed by performance gaps. Pedagogy must be a living organism that cannot afford the luxury of remaining static. To assume relevance and potency and fulfil and keep pace with the needs of a diversified student clientele, pedagogic experiences should always show signs of dynamism and evolution.

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