DEAR GAONE ​​​​​​​Please keep my identity anonymous. My brother is destroying my reputation. He is in the habit of smearing my name to our family, extended family members and community at large without any reasonable cause. He is a narcissist. Because of my brother’s smear campaign against me, my esteem in the society has been lowered. Almost everywhere I go in our community, some friends and community members pass snide remarks at me because of the malicious information he is disseminating about me. Others even relay my brother’s dishonesties against me in person or telephonically. Some endear themselves to me so as to get personal information from me and pass it on to the narcissist. I feel lethargic. I don’t want to sue my brother for defamation nonetheless. We are part of the same blood and it would be very acrimonious to go the litigation route. I want other non – litigatory strategies I can employ to deal with this. There is no point in confronting him as he is either going to unashamedly deny or gaslight me, even in the face of daunting evidence. Kindly advise.


I presume that your assertion that your brother is a narcissist is correct. There is a litany of non - litigatory strategies that you can execute to shield yourself from the lies perpetuated by your brother about you.

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