I am stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship

Dear Gaone Please keep my identity anonymous. I have been in a relationship for three years now. My girlfriend has her own impeccable strengths. Nonetheless, her strengths are often overshadowed by her toxic behaviour. She hurls insults at me when she is angry. She also gaslighlights me – whenever we have differences, she denies what she said or did in an effort to make me look mentally unstable. Sometimes she also fabricates lies and smears my reputation to my family and friends. Despite her cantankerous behaviour, I find myself glued to her and unable to exit the relationship. Why am I finding it hard to leave?

Dear Anonymous There is a plethora of reasons why emotionally abused people stay in such relationships. This article will unearth some of the reasons why the ‘abused’ stay in toxic romances. It is my ardent hope that light will this article will shed to you.

• Having boundless empathy – Empathy is a great tool that simplifies our interactions with others. It enables us/others to swim in the waters that drowned others/us before we/they draw a conclusion about them/us. It is through the employment of empathy that we understand others and feel understood by them. Nonetheless, empathy becomes cantankerous for our personal wellbeing if it is expended to justify abuse. The bounds of healthy empathy end where abuse begins. When our empathy to abusers is limitless, we tend to seek to rescue them from the pit of abuse whilst we sink in the sorrows of their abuse. Contrariwise, if our empathy has boundaries, we are most likely to unearth viable solutions to escape from abuse.

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