Dear Coach, I am a college drop out, aged twenty- seven. During my tenure at tertiary school, I met and befriended a group of people whose focus was on having fun than doing school work. We used to party and club a lot, smoke, drink and messing with different girls and eventually, all those acts lead to my failure at school.

My results were not satisfactory hence non- continuity was the only order for me. I am currently living with a lot of regrets because life is so difficult for me. I cannot get a job anywhere and most of the vacancies advertised require qualified personnel. Sometimes I feel like I really hate myself for all the stupid decisions I made that led me to this point. I have completely lost a sense of me. I was once academically celebrated by my family and community but now I am a laughing stock and brought shame to my family. What advise can you give me Coach because I really need to put my life back on a good track? Yours, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, I am very sorry for your experience and I know that it is not so easy for you. The most beautiful thing about school is that it has no time frames to it. I know people who have acquired their degree qualifications at the age of late fifty. Even some who had their Masters qualification at a later date. You have done all bad things that led you to failure and its a good thing to acknowledge that they were your own decisions and we cannot blame anyone for them. You may have been indulging on the negative behaviour with your friend but you should not blame them for your situation right now. Once you come to terms with those facts, you must forgive yourself first for the mistakes you have committed. If you do not forgive yourself, you will live the day of failure for the rest of your life hence get your life clouded with regrets all over. It is time to create a way through which you can raise money to self- sponsor yourself to retake all courses you have failed. We cannot always cry over spilt milk since there is nothing that can be done with it. But we are alive to change scenarios of our lives. Try to look for jobs that demand no higher qualifications or perhaps start a small business to help you raise the funds that will put you on track to solicit your degree. You have the power to change the negative perception you think your family and community has upon you and everything is a decision away. All the best friend. #ColoringSouls

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